at least 99% of the time. At one point I realized that living consciously or subconsciously chasing after the 100% experience or providing it is detrimental to my self-worth and quality of life. It can be hard to let go though. The promise of the 100% lurks everywhere, mainly in advertising, where everything is made to look perfect.

When I look at some of the vegan Insta posts of incredibly sculptured dishes, beautiful cakes and scrumptious desserts I say to myself this is art. This requires a lot of time, talent and effort. That way I don’t feel intimidated and still can enjoy it. Real life is just so much messier. Same with hair, clothing and looks. Same with everything.

When asked if I am completely vegan, I answer that I strive towards eating and living 100% vegan but in regards to food I am probably at 95% simply because of uncontrollable factors and my few times a year changing to vegetarian for hospitality, travel and other circumstances exception. As far as living concerns I only wish it were over 80%, which is my golden numeric gate into the zone. But if I think of the flying I did over the years, which clearly contributes to the destruction of the rainforest and its wild life… much less than animal farming but still…or the thousands of critters killed for my clothing, household items and electronics. And yes I wear leather shoes and currently own three purses, recycled and certified as leather obtained from fair trade/meat industry waste sources.

When I cut a person’s hair  I know how it feels if the result is 100% visually, kinesthetically and energetically. It is incredible, magical, unforgettable and it is rare. So I set my standard to providing 90%+ haircut experiences, which translates into very good. And I share this with my students. Don’t get lost in trying and perfecting when there are things, which you cannot influence. Know when to stop.

Sometimes we wait before doing something because we imagine the experience to feel a 100% right.  But how can it feel already 100% right, if it hasn’t happened? The decision to do something definitely needs to feel good and strong but since everything can be different right after it can’t be a guarantee.  Or if we wait before we loose some weight, before we get a photo taken, before we design a business care before we step out and share our gifts.

I conclude. 100% can be a carrot dangling in front of us. It can be a false promise or an illusion. It ultimately is a gift. And we just don’t receive or create gifts 100% of the time.