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The CrownWorks Combs have arrived!

Look at the photo and absorb the magic. I am taking the loving vibration of Andi and the Rose Quartz Comb straight into my heart and can feel it expanding right now. I am so grateful that Andi and I connected on a Full Moon day in the beginning of the year. Now  many...

My American Life

After 27 years I moved back to Hamburg, Germany, where I was born. This was my set of keys…to a friend’s home in Los Angeles, to my place of work in Culver City, where I cut hundreds of people’s hair, to Black Bear, my Cherokee Jeep, last rental in Petaluma, a tick...

Linda Hollatz

Linda Hollatz


I read to get inspired, feel connected, and to receive helpful information. I write and photograph because I love to inspire, connect and share.