Who still needs a New Year’s resolution?

I have an idea for you! I had only one resolution for the year 2017. I did not want to take or use any plastic or other disposable cutlery while out and about. So I bought a SPORK, a cutlery combination out of a SPOON and a FORK. This tool made of titanium, which is a light and  durable metal got a permanent place in my purse. I had decided that if I forget the SPORK, I either eat with my hands or not at all, so as not to jeopardize the success of my only decision.

Now I look back on the year and what happened with this one decision. Three times I made an exception. In two different vegan ice cream shops, the waiter put a small plastic spoon in my cup before I could stop them. Since they would have thrown it away, I decided to accept it and then recycle. The second time I was in a supermarket with a friend. We bought a soup, took a seat outside and my SPORK was not in place. I had forgotten it in the dishwasher. So I learned that I must immediately inform with the order that I won’t need any cutlery and second, immediately after the use of my SPORK, I need to clean it and put it back in its place. I could, of course, buy another SPORK to avoid this problem, but I would feel that this could dissipate the focus on optimal sustainability. With only one SPORK, I train my presence and my ability to prevent an undesirable outcome.

When we make resolutions, when are they actually a success and when did they fail? I did not achieve my goal. I stand by that and need no comfort and no reminder that I used my SPORK on the 363 other days or at least had it in my pocket at hand. I am also checking if the reasons for the failure … not informing in time … and forgetting … could be a pattern keeping me from reaching other goals.

In any case, my SPORK remains always in my purse.