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Gemstones are precious gifts from the Earth. We are so lucky to enjoy gemstones raw in nature, have them adorn our homes, balance our energies and help us to transform. The Gemcombs are my line of ten different stones, carved into combs. Combs have the power to bring order into the field and to align the flow of life force. May this field be your hair or your desk or home. Each of the Gemcombs has uniques qualities and its own story. Together the Gemcombs are made to assist you in experiencing healing, beauty, and joy.

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  1. I Hey, I study and I was Mona Mether hair cut energy student.Mona told and showed Gemcoms.I want to buy two coms other snow Quartz and other Amethyst combs. these what is the price, and to come here in Finland .I working businesswoman.

    • Linda Deslauriers

      I just sent you an email. For some reason I only now saw the message.

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