"Loving your Hair, Refining your Image & Being Yourself"


My name is Linda and I am a holistic hair and wardrobe expert with over 25 years of practical and research experience. I cut over ten thousand people’s hair in Europe, North America and Hawaii, hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, one in European Languages and Literature, and published four books on the themes of hair, wardrobe and gems.
Watch this video and learn about the healing art of Hair Balancing and what it can do for you:


My services focus on hair and wardrobe. Often my clients and I take it to the next level and we use the beautiful results of their new appearance to create photos and videos for their personal and professional needs. Watch this video and find out how the Wardrobe Diet process can improve your life:

Five Elements Hair Care

Anthony Morrocco’s Holistic Hair Care Products are vegan, raw and foremost chemical-free. I am fortunate to have Anthony as a mentor and friend for 26 years. He has an amazing site with lots of important hair wisdom. Click on the image and enjoy!