The Five Elements Method for Sustainable & Holistic Hair Work


For many years most people come to me as clients and students because of these 3 top reasons…


#1 People want to get their hair cut in a chemical free environment. Hairdressers want to work in a chemical free environment or were forced to change because the chemicals they had been using had seriously impacted their health.

#2 People want to look great. They often know what they want but need someone who is a good listener and can translate their wishes into their hair. Hairdressers want to improve their haircutting and consulting skills to deliver the best service possible.

#3 People appreciate focused and personal attention. Hairdressers desire to work with more meaning.



My training might interest and benefit you if you are…


* wanting to acquire knowledge and skills to use for yourself, family and friends

* new to the professional field of hair and you would like to start your practice right away the sustainable and holistic way.

* in the process of becoming a licensed cosmetician or barber and would like to develop your unique signature working style  from the beginning

* an active hair dresser who is interested in refining, deepening or expanding her working style and practice

* a salon owner who wants to transform your clients’ experience by providing a training for yourself and your staff


You can learn my special way of caring for and cutting people’s hair…


The DIY Way

Read my books and articles and watch my instructional videos. Cost: Free!



Learn Online

The course The Five Elements Method for Sustainable & Holistic Hair Work consists of 40 units. We work one on one via email exchange. I personally answer every one of your emails. You will be reading, doing exercises,  writing, and responding to audio & video material at your own speed ideally in the course of six to twelve months. Cost: $400

At the end of the course you will have a basic understanding of

  • inner and outer sustainability when working with people and their hair
  • communication and consulting skills
  • hair and energy work.

This workshop can also be taught live in a 2-day format with a minimum of four participants.

Participate in a Seminar 

The heart of my Five Elements Method is the Connective Precision Haircutting Technique which is based on 30 years of practicing and teaching William Yount’s Original Hair Balancing Technique. Connective Precision Haircutting is a three-dimensional precision haircutting process. It is softly executed and frees the hair into its natural balance, form, texture creating a current ideal and most beautiful hair style.  Simultaneously it can align the individual on a physical and energetic level as every practitioner understands the connection between hair and the cranio-sacral and the acupuncture system as well as the aura, the energy field surrounding each person.

The seminar takes place over 5-10 days, depending on the location, number of participants, in one, two or three parts, covering 50+ hours. We work with artistic modalities, live models, self-experiences, practices and immersion into nature and culture. My teacher – student ratio does not exceed 1:4. Cost: 1 person $4500, 2 people each $3500, 3 people each $3000, 4 people each $2500. In between the seminar segments and after completion, students practice and document their experiences with written summaries and photos.

This training program through to certification includes the modules workshop, seminar and a follow up in the form of participation in a workshop with further topics, a personal supervision or repetition of model days of the seminar. The period for all three modules is 12 – 24 months.

I teach in Europe and upon request in the US and worldwide. I would love to hear from you.

My training, website, newsletter and social media are free of advertisement and completely independent from any company. I will gladly share in person or by emailing you the current list of my and my family’s favorite vegan products. We prefer products without micro plastic, gluten, harsh chemicals and created without cruelty. None of my teachings or workshops oblige you to purchase a specific product line.





If you are looking for a highly personalized form of mentorship, I offer professional, psychological, practical and spiritual guidance, which we can customize from flexible and free flowing spontaneous to structured, organized and rhythmic. Everyone has an ultimate way of absorbing, processing and applying information. In our initial conversation we will evaluate what works best for you. Workshops and seminars with a group of people have many advantages in that they serve as community and network builder, multiplicators of experiences, and they add more variety and perspectives.  A one-on-one consulting process is however unparalleled in its efficiency in regards to the unique needs of an individual.



I have several highly marketable concepts and innovative ideas, each exclusively offered and developed for one hairdresser’s individualistic expression, and a salon or a company’s unique branding in the field of sustainable and holistic hair care. Email me if you are looking to stand out, be a successful pioneer and make a difference in the world. All serious inquiries are protected after our initial connection with confidentiality contracts.


Code d’Essence – Connecting with Your Colors and Design


Currently I offer one more class online, which I designed for people who want to commit to an in-depth process in regards to their personal wardrobe refinement. This course is simultaneously the first segment of my Code d’Essence training, a rewarding and profitable addition to your hair practice if you would like to offer your clients supplemental guidance for their appearance.

Learn Online 

For the process of becoming a Code d’Essence Guide we work one on one via email exchange, reading, exercises, and audio & video material at your own speed ideally in the course of one year or less. During this class we cover the history of color and image consulting, and study different consulting systems. Then you go through your own process, since understanding your story and way of dressing yourself is the foundation for being able to consult others. We cover ten criteria of a thorough wardrobe refinement process, study people’s pigmentation and color, as well as their design elements, and discuss how we influence and communicate with friends and clients about and around the theme of image. We compile your one of a kind Fair Wear Resource Guide. Cost: $550

Read more about Code d’Essence here