For Your Best Hair Experience

For any hair care, hair health and image topic or challenge you may have, I would love to be of help in person, via phone, email or Skype, FT, Zoom.  I draw from three decades of experiences with treating people with hair loss, scalp disorders, psychological hair trauma and those who are on a quest to simply look their best with healthy, beautiful hair in harmony with their unique and authentic appearance.

After our initial contact I will mail you an in-depth questionnaire, which you can either fill out yourself or we go over it together later. Then we decide what the most convenient way of communicating is and how much time we will need. If you have a quick question and it just takes me a couple of minutes, email or message me. My hourly rate is $150.00. If we spend less or more time, we will do the math.

Help with Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, and Hair Trauma?

When hair falls out it is the body’s and psyche’s way of saying: pay attention, something is out of balance! Don’t wait too long! Every individual’s case is very unique, which is why I developed a questionnaire dedicated to help finding the causes of your hair condition. If there were one hair loss remedy that worked for everyone, we would have heard about it. Let me assist you in finding, what works for you and your hair.

I experienced hair loss when I was a teenager, which prompted me to start a lifelong research journey.  I had hair loss twice more, after giving birth and during a divorce and managed to stop it much more quickly than the first time. As a holistic hair care professional and psychologist I have helped hundreds of people to understand and recover from hair trauma. I can recommend rituals to heal, share how to communicate with your hairdresser to ensure great outcomes every time and how to experience happy and beautiful hair.

When our paths cross…I can cut your hair in a special way

My haircutting technique is a holistic healing practice that enhances a person’s health, hair, appearance and energy, while their preferred style is created. My method can
• stimulate hair growth
• prevent hair loss
• bring out natural curl and wave
• increase the thickness and volume of hair
The hair is cut with such precision that it can last two or three times longer than a conventional haircut. At the same time, you can receive an energy attunement and relaxation treatment as balancing the cranio-sacral and acupuncture system releases scalp tension.

Need a referral for a conscious and loving haircut and attunement anywhere in the world?

Email me with your location(s) and I will send you a referral.


What to wear to show off your hair

This is the question that led me into color and image consulting. The right clothing, its color and design, ideally complements the natural beauty of your hair. But more than that, it can free yourself from insecurities and having a functional congruent wardrobe saves you time, energy, money and space. I consult via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Messenger and Email or you can partake in longer journey based on my book Die Kleiderdiät – The Wardrobe Diet. This is a wardrobe management and refinement process, which will empower you to let go of what no longer serves you and then know what to wear in order to feel home in your clothes, be true to yourself and shine their authentic essence into the world for the rest of your life.

Co-creating your unique color palette is one tool to achieve an efficient, fun and high-frequency wardrobe. My clients, family and I have collected 4000+ different fabrics, 90% from recycled sources, which are organized into a fabric bank, from which we choose the colors, which are in harmony with your unique pigmentation. This is best done in person.

I make palettes in Hamburg, Germany, where I live.  When I travel instead of choosing the colors  from trays I bring along my bank in a mini version and mail you your palette after putting it together in Hamburg.

Consultations in person or via FT, Skype, Zoom, phone or email cost $150 per hour.

Read more about Code d’Essence here

If you would like your color painted, which is an amazing experience I recommend Rochele who travels worldwide.



As a clinical psychologist the theme of hair has become my most complex area of expertise. When I graduated from the University of Hamburg at age 24 I wasn’t ready to work as a therapist. I started to cut hair! Since everyone knows that a hairdresser can be like a therapist, it never felt as if I had taken a different direction.

In my consulting work I use intuition just as much as logic and knowledge and draw from my favorite forms of therapies and healing modalities. These efficient and powerful strategies helped me to heal my biggest wounds, overcome challenges and optimize my life and fill my psychological toolbox and me with gratitude. Consultations in person or via FT, Skype, Zoom, phone or email cost $150 per hour.