An altar in various religions is a place, table, or  piece of furniture near which people bow down to the highest representative of their religion, give thanks, pray, and offer gifts of reverence. I, too, have been standing in front of various altars, lighting candles, and connecting myself with superior beings or principles.
Since my teenage years when I started meditating, I enriched my meditation place with pictures, photos or objects. At some point, a wise man told me that I could as well give away my worries and successes, because both are part of life, but not really mine. In other words, I am not my problem, but much more. And I am not my goal, but much more. That impressed me a lot, and I’ve gotten into the habit of symbolically placing certain issues through a photo or note with words on it, or mentally in front of an actual as well as an inner altar. This helps me not to think about the same thing over and over again. With this act I give the request full of confidence into the great hands of fate and of life. Light, fire, candles are for me the most powerful and important components of an altar.
My other method of surrendering and releasing a challenge or energizing and affirming a desire is to use gems that represent the element of earth. For example, I have just received a reminder from the tax office, due to some missing numbers and the wording and energy of this letter sounds negative, so I set it down on my altar and put some gems on it until the matter clarifies. I didn’t put it away in a drawer where I could forget it but it is also not in my head any more taking up energy.

With love


From V to VGF

Dear Friend,

why I suggest you try going gluten-free at least for two weeks…

As a vegetarian & vegan for thirty years I thought I had arrived at a high, comfortable and often quite blissful healthy nutritional plateau. I didn’t expect changing much for the rest of my life. One and a half years ago I experienced a few symptoms, which I thought were related to menopause and I consulted with Audrey Fontaine a nutrition expert living in Sonoma, California.
I asked her how I could sail through menopause without the symptoms I was experiencing and if she had any advice or supplements she would recommend. She looked at me and said ‘I don’t think these symptoms have anything to do with menopause. This sounds like a gluten intolerance. Why don’t you try going gluten-free for six weeks.’

Well I did…
From excruciating wrist-pain to mobility after ten days, still stable
From bloating to normally extended tummy after ten days, still stable
From traffic anxiety to calmness and trust after two weeks, still stable
From 7 hours of sleep average to 6 after four weeks, still my average
From 4 pounds lighter after six weeks, same
From 4 rounds on the tracks to a 10k six months later, still able to do it

But the most amazing experience, the one that will keep me on a gluten free path for the rest of my life happened after two months.
One day I literally felt as if a spider web was pulled out of my brain. I picked up an old Sudoko game book which I still had from a few years ago. I started to fill out the very tough extreme ones and for the first time I was able to solve them. Now 18 months later I have moved on to even more difficult ones, and my interest in math which was quite strong when I was young got rekindled.
The other big improvement for me is that I remember names again. Before I thought of an actor, like George Clooney and saw his face in my mind and couldn’t connect a name to him. That was scary.

And one more story about the anxiety symptom. A couple of times I made exceptions and the next day I felt more anxious. Ok, could have been self-fulfilling prophecy. But the most convincing one happened recently. I woke up and felt anxiety about going out into my day. But I hadn’t eaten any gluten. I went through my day not feeling great. When I came back at night, my boy-friend said ‘well the only thing we ate that was new was that vegan cheese.’ I dug through the plastic recycling bin and sure enough, it contained wheat.
I hadn’t checked the label of this vegan cheese sold here in Germany as the vegan cheese in the US I bought never had wheat in it.

It hasn’t been difficult to feed myself. There is enough out there for me to eat. And I learned to bake vegan-glutenfree cookies and cakes, pizza and pancakes for special occasions, and once a week I bake a seed heavy bread.

Gluten intolerance can cause over hundred different symptoms. In my case the intolerance was caused by a slow build-up over years and I would have never connected the dots. Perhaps trying gluten-free for at least a couple of weeks might help you if you have anything that bothers you. I would be interested in your experiences. And if you are already eating gluten-free I would love to know what changed for you.

Happy Eating,


Happy New Moon in Aquarius

I have been observing for years how the lunar cycle effects me and people around me. And my biggest realization is that the day before the New Moon, the so called balsamic moon phase the energy goes downward, inward or strange. Then the New Moon begins and it feels like a huge sigh of relief. Ahhhh, a new cycle begins. I have another chance. Life continues. Projects, plans, friendships and love can grow.
Then every New Moon starts in one of the twelve signs. It is the same sign the sun is in so right now the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Aquarius. Perhaps New Moon energy feels so easy and innocent because the Sun, which represents the Self and the Moon, which represents our feelings are walking hand in hand.
Another factor, which influences how you feel during the lunar cycle is in which phase the moon was in when you were born. So my affinity to feeling better around the new moon has to do that I was born close to a new moon.

My favorite potential outcomes during a New Moon in Aquarius cycle are unusual new connections with friends, groups and associations, lots of new ideas and insights, exciting experiences, the ability to observe it all while it happens and gain perspectives and a few surprises.

In regards to hair there might be a focus on your independence and experimenting with new products and DIY haircutting, to opt for radical new hair styles and very individualistic clothing.

Wishing you well,


Forget 100%

at least 99% of the time. At one point I realized that living consciously or subconsciously chasing after the 100% experience or providing it is detrimental to my self-worth and quality of life. It can be hard to let go though. The promise of the 100% lurks everywhere, mainly in advertising, where everything is made to look perfect.

When I look at some of the vegan Insta posts of incredibly sculptured dishes, beautiful cakes and scrumptious desserts I say to myself this is art. This requires a lot of time, talent and effort. That way I don’t feel intimidated and still can enjoy it. Real life is just so much messier. Same with hair, clothing and looks. Same with everything.

When asked if I am completely vegan, I answer that I strive towards eating and living 100% vegan but in regards to food I am probably at 95% simply because of uncontrollable factors and my few times a year changing to vegetarian for hospitality, travel and other circumstances exception. As far as living concerns I only wish it were over 80%, which is my golden numeric gate into the zone. But if I think of the flying I did over the years, which clearly contributes to the destruction of the rainforest and its wild life… much less than animal farming but still…or the thousands of critters killed for my clothing, household items and electronics. And yes I wear leather shoes and currently own three purses, recycled and certified as leather obtained from fair trade/meat industry waste sources.

When I cut a person’s hair  I know how it feels if the result is 100% visually, kinesthetically and energetically. It is incredible, magical, unforgettable and it is rare. So I set my standard to providing 90%+ haircut experiences, which translates into very good. And I share this with my students. Don’t get lost in trying and perfecting when there are things, which you cannot influence. Know when to stop.

Sometimes we wait before doing something because we imagine the experience to feel a 100% right.  But how can it feel already 100% right, if it hasn’t happened? The decision to do something definitely needs to feel good and strong but since everything can be different right after it can’t be a guarantee.  Or if we wait before we loose some weight, before we get a photo taken, before we design a business care before we step out and share our gifts.

I conclude. 100% can be a carrot dangling in front of us. It can be a false promise or an illusion. It ultimately is a gift. And we just don’t receive or create gifts 100% of the time.



Who still needs a New Year’s resolution?

I have an idea for you! I had only one resolution for the year 2017. I did not want to take or use any plastic or other disposable cutlery while out and about. So I bought a SPORK, a cutlery combination out of a SPOON and a FORK. This tool made of titanium, which is a light and  durable metal got a permanent place in my purse. I had decided that if I forget the SPORK, I either eat with my hands or not at all, so as not to jeopardize the success of my only decision.

Now I look back on the year and what happened with this one decision. Three times I made an exception. In two different vegan ice cream shops, the waiter put a small plastic spoon in my cup before I could stop them. Since they would have thrown it away, I decided to accept it and then recycle. The second time I was in a supermarket with a friend. We bought a soup, took a seat outside and my SPORK was not in place. I had forgotten it in the dishwasher. So I learned that I must immediately inform with the order that I won’t need any cutlery and second, immediately after the use of my SPORK, I need to clean it and put it back in its place. I could, of course, buy another SPORK to avoid this problem, but I would feel that this could dissipate the focus on optimal sustainability. With only one SPORK, I train my presence and my ability to prevent an undesirable outcome.

When we make resolutions, when are they actually a success and when did they fail? I did not achieve my goal. I stand by that and need no comfort and no reminder that I used my SPORK on the 363 other days or at least had it in my pocket at hand. I am also checking if the reasons for the failure … not informing in time … and forgetting … could be a pattern keeping me from reaching other goals.

In any case, my SPORK remains always in my purse.