I am updating and completing the Gemcomb Guide renaming it Gemstone Combs Guide, so it works for Andi’s Crown Works branding too  and chose the healing energy of the Quartz Crystal Comb to be at my side next to my lap top.

The CrownWorks Combs have arrived!

Look at the photo and absorb the magic. I am taking the loving vibration of Andi and the Rose Quartz Comb straight into my heart and can feel it expanding right now.

I am so grateful that Andi and I connected on a Full Moon day in the beginning of the year. Now  many months later the Rock Crystal, the Amethyst, the Rose Quartz and the Black Obsidian Comb are again available to you under Andi’s exquisite guardianship and playfully healing knowledge of hair, auras, energies and life.

May the CrownWorks Combs cleanse, transform, heal, enrich, and beautify many beings for the highest good of all!