An altar in various religions is a place, table, or  piece of furniture near which people bow down to the highest representative of their religion, give thanks, pray, and offer gifts of reverence. I, too, have been standing in front of various altars, lighting candles, and connecting myself with superior beings or principles.
Since my teenage years when I started meditating, I enriched my meditation place with pictures, photos or objects. At some point, a wise man told me that I could as well give away my worries and successes, because both are part of life, but not really mine. In other words, I am not my problem, but much more. And I am not my goal, but much more. That impressed me a lot, and I’ve gotten into the habit of symbolically placing certain issues through a photo or note with words on it, or mentally in front of an actual as well as an inner altar. This helps me not to think about the same thing over and over again. With this act I give the request full of confidence into the great hands of fate and of life. Light, fire, candles are for me the most powerful and important components of an altar.
My other method of surrendering and releasing a challenge or energizing and affirming a desire is to use gems that represent the element of earth. For example, I have just received a reminder from the tax office, due to some missing numbers and the wording and energy of this letter sounds negative, so I set it down on my altar and put some gems on it until the matter clarifies. I didn’t put it away in a drawer where I could forget it but it is also not in my head any more taking up energy.

With love


About Reconnective Healing

In 1993, the American chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl discovered and developed the healing method Reconnective Healing. Reconnective Healing is right after Hair Balancing my favorite type of healing practice and I enjoy several refresher sessions per year. Reconnective Healing is similar to Hair Balancing and Gemstone Comb therapy in that the actual healing work takes place in the aura of the patient. The energy frequencies transmitted through the therapist’s hand movements, through drawing of lines in the field, placing the hands on the person towards the end of the session and through eye contact are programmed to activate the self-healing abilities of the individual.

My family and I have experienced many different forms of healing and upliftment through this method. To get started I recommend Dr. Pearls book The Reconnection especially because reading this book has already a reconnecting effect. Reconnective Healing practitioners offer Reconnective healing sessions and there are two special sessions following each other closely called The Reconnection. During those two sessions the individual’s energy field is aligned with the energy field of the earth and the universe. I will always cherish the memory of my then nine-year-old daughter, as she jumped of the massage table after her second Reconnection session. She ran around the table several times as fast as she could, radiating, laughing as if her aura was all of a sudden free of old armors. That was the moment when she changed from a more introverted personality to an extraverted one.

In the book Bringers of the Dawn Barbara Marciniak channels messages from the Pleiadians, the star people in the Hawai’ian huna tradition. They refer to very similar healing methods, where frequencies and vibrations are used to activate self-healing and the connection with one another. The Gemstone Combs are connected to the teaching of the Pleiadians in that they are supportive tools with the same intention of healing and increasing frequencies.

On my friend Keala’s site you find more information and testimonials. She also offers long distance treatments.

Get reconnected, stay connected …with love




I am updating and completing the Gemcomb Guide renaming it Gemstone Combs Guide, so it works for Andi’s Crown Works branding too  and chose the healing energy of the Quartz Crystal Comb to be at my side next to my lap top.

The CrownWorks Combs have arrived!

Look at the photo and absorb the magic. I am taking the loving vibration of Andi and the Rose Quartz Comb straight into my heart and can feel it expanding right now.

I am so grateful that Andi and I connected on a Full Moon day in the beginning of the year. Now  many months later the Rock Crystal, the Amethyst, the Rose Quartz and the Black Obsidian Comb are again available to you under Andi’s exquisite guardianship and playfully healing knowledge of hair, auras, energies and life.

May the CrownWorks Combs cleanse, transform, heal, enrich, and beautify many beings for the highest good of all!