Happy New Moon in Aquarius

I have been observing for years how the lunar cycle effects me and people around me. And my biggest realization is that the day before the New Moon, the so called balsamic moon phase the energy goes downward, inward or strange. Then the New Moon begins and it feels like a huge sigh of relief. Ahhhh, a new cycle begins. I have another chance. Life continues. Projects, plans, friendships and love can grow.
Then every New Moon starts in one of the twelve signs. It is the same sign the sun is in so right now the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Aquarius. Perhaps New Moon energy feels so easy and innocent because the Sun, which represents the Self and the Moon, which represents our feelings are walking hand in hand.
Another factor, which influences how you feel during the lunar cycle is in which phase the moon was in when you were born. So my affinity to feeling better around the new moon has to do that I was born close to a new moon.

My favorite potential outcomes during a New Moon in Aquarius cycle are unusual new connections with friends, groups and associations, lots of new ideas and insights, exciting experiences, the ability to observe it all while it happens and gain perspectives and a few surprises.

In regards to hair there might be a focus on your independence and experimenting with new products and DIY haircutting, to opt for radical new hair styles and very individualistic clothing.

Wishing you well,


About Reconnective Healing

In 1993, the American chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl discovered and developed the healing method Reconnective Healing. Reconnective Healing is right after Hair Balancing my favorite type of healing practice and I enjoy several refresher sessions per year. Reconnective Healing is similar to Hair Balancing and Gemstone Comb therapy in that the actual healing work takes place in the aura of the patient. The energy frequencies transmitted through the therapist’s hand movements, through drawing of lines in the field, placing the hands on the person towards the end of the session and through eye contact are programmed to activate the self-healing abilities of the individual.

My family and I have experienced many different forms of healing and upliftment through this method. To get started I recommend Dr. Pearls book The Reconnection especially because reading this book has already a reconnecting effect. Reconnective Healing practitioners offer Reconnective healing sessions and there are two special sessions following each other closely called The Reconnection. During those two sessions the individual’s energy field is aligned with the energy field of the earth and the universe. I will always cherish the memory of my then nine-year-old daughter, as she jumped of the massage table after her second Reconnection session. She ran around the table several times as fast as she could, radiating, laughing as if her aura was all of a sudden free of old armors. That was the moment when she changed from a more introverted personality to an extraverted one.

In the book Bringers of the Dawn Barbara Marciniak channels messages from the Pleiadians, the star people in the Hawai’ian huna tradition. They refer to very similar healing methods, where frequencies and vibrations are used to activate self-healing and the connection with one another. The Gemstone Combs are connected to the teaching of the Pleiadians in that they are supportive tools with the same intention of healing and increasing frequencies.

On my friend Keala’s site you find more information and testimonials. She also offers long distance treatments.

Get reconnected, stay connected …with love