My name is Linda and I am a sustainable and holistic hair and wardrobe expert with over 25 years of practical and research experience. I cut over ten thousand people’s hair in Europe, North America and Hawaii, hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, one in European Languages and Literature, and published several books on the themes of hair, wardrobe and gems. Together with my friend Laura Sullivan I conceptualized, wrote and taught original workshops and seminars in the field of sustainable and holistic hair work. So far we had the privilege of educating over two hundred people live and online worldwide.

In 1965, I was born in Hamburg, Germany. As a teenager I experienced hair loss and other hair challenges that led me to look for answers. That was at a time when you couldn’t research the internet; therefore I set forth on a journey that would lead me to a life long passion for classical homeopathy, Astrology, holistic health, and psychology. When I was seventeen, I started to practice yoga and meditation. After my first lesson I rode home on my bicycle. It was dusk but I noticed a special sun starting to shine in my universe and it never disappeared.Shortly thereafter I had a vision of a hair healer coming across the ocean. A few years later in 1987 I met the hair healer William Mercury Yount, who practiced and taught the haircutting method Hair Balancing. I spent hundreds of hours with him watching, translating, and learning but never intended to actually cut people’s hair myself. However, when William was traveling I started to help out his clients and began to balance their hair. After his unexpected death in 1990 I decided to continue and expand his legacy. In 1991 in Laguna Beach, California, I was lucky to meet an amazing pioneer in the magical world of hair: Anthony Morrocco, who shared with me his holistic hair care system that uses Astrological Lunar Cuts, Chinese medicine, chemical-free products and proper hair and scalp care to promote healthy hair growth.

For my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hamburg I wrote a thesis on the significance of hair, and for my Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Hawai’i, I completed a thesis on hair images in Grimm’s fairy tales. My first book Haare im Licht was published in 2004, my second book Nie Mehr Haarausfall Again in 2007 and the third one Die Kleiderdiät in 2009. In 2015 my long time associate Laura Sullivan and I self-published Awakening Hair – Caring for Your Cosmic Antennaavailable through Amazon.

After another vision in 1990, in which I saw a comb carved out of Rose quartz, I designed exquisite combs and had them carved out of ten different gemstones: the Gemcombs. I wrote the Gemstone Comb Guide Book in 2010, which explains their purpose and history. Andi Scarbrough continues the legacy of these beautiful and transforming stone friends now called Crystal Combs. You can find them at 

In the fall of 2017, after 27 years I moved back to Hamburg, Germany to live together with my high-school sweetheart partner and to be close to my parents. I travel to the United States once or twice a year and frequently within Europe.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and feel honored to be of service.