Everyone is uniquely beautiful.

We all have heard this, seen it and even said it. We know it is true.

And yet are we believing and applying this truth when it comes to ourselves?

Your Code d’Essence: the Synergy of Your Colors, Design and Essence


Your relationship to clothes is part of your life right from the start. No matter what your upbringing was like, including dogma, conditioning or lack of guidance, you can now choose what you wear and when. You can free yourself from restrictive and misleading input. You can nurture yourself by fulfilling your needs for your favorite textures, patterns, colors and styes. And most importantly you can overcome low self-esteem, at least the part, which was caused in regards to you feeling unattractive, by learning how to acknowledge, claim and show your beauty.

The right clothing, its color and design, transforms your insecurities and having a functional congruent wardrobe saves you time, energy, money and space. If you know your Code d’Essence, your colors, your geometry and proportions and your inner self and its song, you can consciously wear the clothes, which will make you look your best true self and improve your communication with everyone in your world.

My Code d’Essence accompaniment in the form of private appointments or courses is based on

* studying the life’s work of Suzanne Caygill and direct contact with three of her students now true masters of beauty: Jennifer Butler, who made my first color and design palette in 2007, Rochele Hirsch, who painted my color palette, and Naomi Tickle, who I was fortunate to meet a few times.

* the study of several books and systems on wardrobe management, the USA What Not to Wear television series, my book Die Kleiderdiät, published in 2009 and the creation of my own fabric bank. In 2008 I started consulting my hair clients, friends, made my first color palettes for people, went on shopping tours with and for clients and organized wardrobe exchange parties.

CO stands for color, DE for Design +  your Essence. The term code implies that the combination of these elements is a key, a true code, which unlocks a person’s very own frequency. The term frequency comes from the Latin language. Frequentia in physics refers to a periodic process, which measures the speed of repetitions for example of vibrations. Frequencies determine color. When it is about light, we measure wavelengths. When talking about frequency in the context of a person I refer to the vibration or the wavelengths, which emanate from the person’s unique pigment based colors. It is about the light within the person, which expresses itself and shines through the physical body.

When I started choosing colors for people from my fabric bank, I noticed that already from the way to the box to the face of the person there was resistance or attraction, which we both could feel. Boxes, which contained none of the colors for a particular person felt empty. In those moments I understood that this work goes beyond a color and style consultation and is in its full depth frequency work. The following is far-fetched. Based on my life long work in the alternative health and beauty sector as a sustainable and holistic hair expert I learned to see this work as a form of Atlantean healing work. In my view Atlantis does not only represent a sunken continent but another dimension, in which the use of crystals, frequencies and sacred geometry was widely spread and when we disconnect from the limits of this time and space line, still is.

I consult via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Messenger, Email and in person. The cost is $150 per hour. Alternatively or additionally, you can partake in longer email exchange journey based on my book Die Kleiderdiät – The Wardrobe Diet. This is a wardrobe management and refinement process, which will empower you to let go of what no longer serves you and then know what to wear in order to feel home in your clothes, be true to yourself and shine their authentic essence into the world for the rest of your life.

Co-creating your unique color palette is an efficient tool to achieve a fun and high-frequency wardrobe. My clients, family and I have collected 2000+ different fabrics, 90% from recycled sources, which are organized into a fabric bank, from which we choose the colors, which are in harmony with your unique pigmentation. This is best done in person. I make palettes in Hamburg, Germany, where I live.  When I travel instead of choosing the colors  from trays I bring along my bank in a mini version and mail you your palette after putting it together in Hamburg.

If you would like your color painted, which is an amazing experience I recommend Rochele who travels worldwide. www.rochelehirsch.com